Zero-Day Protection?
Think Forensics First.


Every industry is currently going through a significant digital transformation process, whose key characteristic is the convergence of Operational and Information technology. This process brings substantial benefits and opportunities for growth and introduces a long list of new and potentially significant threats that the industry must tackle.


Cyberattacks lie at the top of this list. Business losses caused by cybersecurity-related incidents can be disastrous for any business. Organizations must implement appropriate and proportionate measures to address cyber resilience and security issues. In case of the worst-case scenario materializing (such as a cybersecurity-related incident), the affected company must immediately address the following key issues:

  • Breach Detection – Determine if there was a breach.
  • Compromise Analysis – Identify the nature of the compromise and how it occurred.
  • Compromise Containment– Isolate the affected endpoints.
  • Forensic Data Analysis – Determine if data were accessed.
  • Data Exfiltration Analysis – Determine if data were exfiltrated to unauthorized persons or locations.
  • Breach Remediation – Return endpoints and networks to operating state, free of malware.

CyFIR Enterprise is a Digital Forensics & live incident response platform to Manage, Detect & Respond to Cyber Threats, supported by an experienced forensic specialists’ team 24x7x365.

Zero Trust principle “THINK FORENSICS FIRST™” securely enables the “anywhere, any time, any device” hybrid workforce, reduces the risk of malware infections and minimizes the potential spread of an attack, while improving security posture and increasing cyber-resiliency.

Uncover evidence in areas most IT management tools can’t see without even taking endpoints out of service. Extreme Visibility, Unparalleled Speed, Automatic Endpoint Analysis & Forensically access to any endpoint across your entire enterprise or even vessels in low bandwidth environments, from a single workstation, are just a few of the key advantages our platform is offering.

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