Making security awareness training engaging, effective and scalable|

Security awareness training has never been easy. Until now.CybeReady’s mission is to make security awareness training easy and effective for enterprises. By bringing together learning expertise, data science and automation, we allow enterprises to embrace success.

Meet CybeReady’s fully managed learning platform


Readiness for all

"Like a sailing crew in the middle of an unexpected storm, employees need to be ready for any scenario. When it comes to cyberattacks, only continuous, frequent training regimen can build employees readiness".
Mike Polatsek, CybeReady Co-founder & CSO


Train Every Employee, Every Month

Deploy 8x more phishing simulations (compared with industry average) and ongoing cybersecurity awareness bites without any IT effort. Training sessions are automatically distributed and personalized per employees’ role, location, and performance to achieve 100% continuous workforce training and increased engagement.


Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

CybeReady’s real-time data platform enables performance monitoring and improvement tracking of your entire organization with powerful dashboards and reports.


Change Employee Behavior Towards Cyberattacks

CybeReady’s end-to-end training platform is driven by data-science and is proven to change employee behavior. Decrease employee High-Risk Group by 82% and Increase Employee Resilience Score by 5x, within 12 months of training.

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