What is CyFIR

A revolutionary enterprise— level Incident Response, Digital Forensic Investigation, eDiscovery, and Insider Threat analysis platform that provides organizations with the ability to fully perform remote forensic analysis, evidence capture, and incident remediation on their networked servers and endpoint workstations. CyFIR Enterprise allows you to analyze thousands of workstations simultaneously, without performing a “denial of service attack” on your own network.

A gamechanger for digital forensics

CyFIR enables cybersecurity personnel to quickly perform remote triage and forensic analysis, evidence capture, and incident remediation across networked servers and endpoint workstations, empowering forensic investigators to See More, Know More, and Respond Instantly to a wide range of digital security needs.

CyFIR Capabilities


  • Search an entire enterprise in minutes or hours—not days, weeks, or months.
  • Search an entire enterprise in minutes or hours—not days, weeks, or months.
  • Safely locate, copy, and export responsive documents without disruption to normal operations.
  • Search email in Exchange, Lotus Notes, Groupwise, and other platforms— live—without bringing down the email server for imaging.

Incident Response &
Digital Forensics

  • Expert-level, rapid response services available on request.
  • Active Experience in Federal Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Military, and Corporate environments.
  • Ready to respond with CyTech-owned tools and equipment, or CyTech analysts will use Government/Customer furnished equipment as dictated by needs .
  • Experts with CyFIR and other digital forensic analysis tools—we use the right tool for the job, regardless of manufacturer .

Internal Investigation

  • Thorough investigation across all network assets with no workplace disruption.
  • In-depth investigations in a fraction of the time needed by legacy technologies.
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting to prevent data loss.

Threat Assessment

  • Real time visibility into network endpoints without an impact network operations.
  • Rapid deployment, collection, and analysis of all endpoints.
  • Quick identification of breaches, threats and exploits.

Ridge Global-Complete Cyber Resiliency

A global leader helping organizations mitigate enterprise risk. Working together under the banner of Risk, Readiness, and Resilience, Ridge Global and Risk Cooperative are working to bring comprehensive risk management solutions to market.

Cyber attacks occur every minute of every day in every industry. While the threat cannot be eliminated, Ridge Global can help you aggressively evaluate and manage your risk. Using the latest technology (CyFIR), Ridge Global ofers 100% endpoint testing with virtually no interruption to your operations.

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